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For the Love of Great Fish & Great Friends ...

We've all always had a great appreciation for the "magic" that Karla works on seafood and the incredible works of art that emerge from her custom smoker. 

While Karla is no longer smoking fish and seafood, she's decided that instead of selling the business, she'll share her methods (and her life story) in this book -- I AM KARLA'S SMOKEHOUSE, Vol. II.  Now we all will have an even greater appreciation for the amount of work, heart and soul, this talented woman puts into every piece of seafood.

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Everyone has their "techniques" for smoking fish -- from the simple -- throw the slabs into a Little Chief, to the elaborate brines, rubs and treatments, carefully tended in expensive smokers, to the mass produced stuff.


No one smokes fish like Karla ...


"I am Karla's Smokehouse" Vol. II, Includes:

  •  History
  •  Tips & Techniques - Full-color photos and Karla's detailed illustrations show step-by-step filleting and processing of salmon, halibut, tuna and more!
  •  Recipes
  • Scenic Area Photos - by Don Best go to - www.bestimpressionspicturecompany.com

Just out of the smoker, looks good enough to eat ... step-by-step photos show how Karla creates these culinary delights.

Karla's colorful illustrations and cartoons provide valuable information and show her artistic talents. 

Step-by-step photos show every knife stroke for filleting a variety of fish.

Karla is no longer smoking fish and seafood
but you can still buy her books, cartoons & cards!

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